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Date: 9th August 2016
Peristaltic Hose Pump BG600FJ-S 0-12000 Ml/min
If you want to check the peristaltic hose pump bg600fj-s 0-12000 ml/min price with one China peristaltic hose pump bg600fj-s 0-12000 ml/min manufacturer and distributor or one of the professional such suppliers, Chuangrui is always at your service.Application video :*4-digital LED screen dispensing the current speed and flowrate, with higher accuracy.* Applicable pump heads: YZ35-13 the flowrate is 1.3-12000ml/min* Calibration function:can calibrate the flowrate and dispensing volume to ensure the accuracy.* Memory function available in case of power off and it will continue the work once the power was restarted.*Supports MODBUS communication protocol through the DB15 interface of the drive. And communication protocols customized is available.Typical Applications*Glue dispensing*Water treatment sampling*For liquid chromatography*Widely used in transferring various fluids with multi channels.SpecificationsSpeed0.1~600rpm,Speed precision0.1rpmFlow rate1.3-12000ml/minFlow error range?0.5%Speed controlDigital knob to adjust speedDisplay4-digit LED display current rotating speed and dispensing frequencyCopy number1~9999Copy time0.1~9999s/0.1~9999minPause time0.1~9999s/0.1~9999minExternal control interfaceStart/stop control, cw/ccw control and speed control (0~5V, 0~10V, 4~20mA)Power supplyAC 220V/110VPower consumption<400WDrive size325*236*193Suction back angle10?-720?Suction back speed10-300rpmOperating conditionTemperature 0 to 40 C? , Relative humidity < 80%Ordering guide For BG600FJ-SDriveMotor?Tube?Channel?BG600FJ-SSimple?Servo?Motor?73#?82#1?channel??BG600FJ-SServo?motor?73#?82#1/2?channels?option?BG600FJ-SDC?brushless?motor?73#82#1/2?channels?option?
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