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Date: 25th July 2016
Dispensing Controller
If you want to check the dispensing controller price with one China dispensing controller manufacturer and distributor or one of the professional such suppliers, Chuangrui is always at your service.Dispensing Controller?SG series intelligent separated filling system, consists of a control unit and a plurality of independent filling unit. According to user needs of different periods, the number of increase or decrease the filling unit, or in different station to complete the same filling requirements. With a control unit can control 16 separate filling unit. The system adopts imported industrial grade 4.3 inch true color LCD display, touch screen control. Filling liquid quantity, preset filling time, interval time, filling time, suction angle, animation shows the working state, the filling data, parameter setting, system configuration screen display; with intelligent calibration and online tuning function. Other equipment for real-time monitoring of the current state of the peristaltic pump filling. Pay attention to the user experience, no pollution, suitable for high precision liquid filling, the filling accuracy can reach 0.5%-1%.
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