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Date: 25th July 2016
DC Brushless Tubing Pump With High Torque WT600
If you want to check the dc brushless tubing pump with high torque wt600 price with one China dc brushless tubing pump with high torque wt600 manufacturer and distributor or one of the professional such suppliers, Chuangrui is always at your service.DC brushless peristaltic pumps: maintenance-free DC brushless drives.* Applicable pump heads: YZ1515x, YZ2515x, KZ25, BZ series, etc.* With both-way large torque, DC brushless drives. It can be connected with several pump heads to satisfy the different demands of the flow rates.* Long life, digital rotary knob, the drive revolving speed can be continuously adjusted by hand, easy to operate, high control precision.* FULL SPEED button available for filling in & emptying out the tubing quickly.* Memory function available in case of power off and it will continue the work once the power was restarted.* Long-range control is available through the DB15 interface of the drive: speed control, start-stop control, direction control.* It has RS485 communication interface, supports MODBUS communication protocol. And communication protocols customized is available.* Good cost performance.Advantages of Brushless DC Motors in Peristaltic PumpsBrushless DC motors are more reliable and have a higher life expectancy than brushed DC motors; this difference is largely due to the fact that brushless DC motors do not have brushes that wear and need to be replaced at regular intervals.Brushless DC motors help transfer heat away from the motor, a feature that helps the motor to run cool in crowded spaces.Brushless DC motors provide greater amounts of torque over a larger speed range and higher duty cycles than do brushed DC motors.The brushless DC motors that are situated in peristaltic pumps are quieter, have less electromagnet interference, and do not produce sparks from friction against a commutatorTechnical parameters:Technical parameters:Drive typeWT600ZT600SNTech. parametersRevolving speed range300~600rpm, reversible60~600rpm, reversibleSpeed resolution1rpmControl methodDigital rotary knob to adjust revolving speedDisplay3 numbers LED displaying current speedExternal control interfaceStart/stop control, direction control, speed control.(0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA to be optional)RS485 communication interfacePower supplyAC220V?10% (standard); or AC110V?10% (optional).Environment temperature0-40? Relative humidity <80%; without condensation.Drive dimension254*184*145 (mm)Drive weight5.5kg5kgProtection gradeIP31
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