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Date: 25th July 2016
Chemical Dosing Pump OEM301/YZ1515X
If you want to check the chemical dosing pump oem301/yz1515x price with one China chemical dosing pump oem301/yz1515x manufacturer and distributor or one of the professional such suppliers, Chuangrui is always at your service.Product Description?Our model OEM301 ?is ?versatile OEM Tubing Pump with 7 different tube size options and with adjustable speed motor speeds.IT is one of the top selling OEM pumps.You will often find these peristaltic tubing pumps in vending machines, soft serve ice cream machines, printers and other ink machines.General Specifications ?-?Flow Rates from .0 ml/min to 2280 ml/min-?2 different tube sizes available-?Available in 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 12 & 24 DC- ?3 rollers-?1 OR 2 Channel-?OEM201 Available in black(PPS) or white(PESU) OEM201 IN GRE(ABS+nylon)Custom mounting brackets available- Ideal for fluid transfer applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability-?perfect for space-limited applications.-?Pump heads are compact and easy to integrate into your OEM applications.Sample Applications ?- Commercial Dishwashing / Chemical Dispensing- Vending Machine / Post Mix Syrups- Beverage Dispensing / Dispense juice, chocolate, etc.- Refrigeration / Condensate Removal- Analytical / Fluid Transfer, Wastes- Commercial Exercise Eqpt. / Lubrication- Grease Trap Control / Timed Dispense of Enzymes- Fluid Sampling / Water Sampling, DC Powered- Water Conditioning / Chlorination/PH control- Printing / Ink Transfer- Dairy Equipment / Sanitation- Laundry Dosing / Chemical Dispensing- Swimming Pools / Chlorination/PH control- Textiles / Dye Dispensing- Drip feeds / Irrigation systems- Ice Cream / Flavoring
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